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Tnreginet is an online portal launched by the registration department of the Tamil Nadu government. This portal enables the citizens to apply for various services available in the state online. Registration for important documents and claims like marriage certificate, encumbrance certificate, birth, and death certificates. Firm registration etc. is available online on the official website. For the steps and procedures to avail, all services follow the article below- 

tnreginet portal tamil nadu
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  • Marriage certificate application 
  • Society document application 
  • Checking EC Status
  • E-commerce certificate registration 
  • Registration of partnership firms
  • Certified documents creation online
  • Encumbrance certificate registration 
  • Marriage, death, chit fund and registration of other services online 

How to register on TNREGINET Portal?

  1. Visit the official webpage of Tnreginet 
  2. On the homepage, go to the registration link under which a dropdown menu will appear.
  3. Then click on USER REGISTRATION and a registration form will appear and an option to set your username and password 
  4. Fill in the details asked in the form like User type, email, DOB, Gender, Id-proof, address, password, username, etc. 
  5. Then, at last, enter the captcha code and OTP that you will receive as a text message to confirm your information.
  6. Then submit your registration form.


  • Visit the official website of tnreginet 
  • Follow the steps above to register yourself if you’re not registered 
  • Then login to your account on the portal using your username, password and captcha code
  • Click on the option for “Create an application” after signing in
  • Then you need to click on “Create document” and you will be redirected to a Form
  • Fill in the details asked in the form and attach any documents required 
  • Finally proof read all the details before submitting the form and take a hard copy printed out to save it for future reference.


  • Visit the official website of tnreginet
  • Look for the option “Further” in the Menu on the homepage
  • Select “document status” from the options available in the drop down menu that will appear
  • Then you will be redirected to a new page wherein select how you want to search for your application status – temporary deed number/ Pending number/ Registration number.
  • Enter the details on the basis of selected option and click on search
  • Status of your document will appear on the screen


  1. Visit the official website of tnreginet from here.
  2. Look for the option “Further” in the menu on the homepage
  3. Click on the “search” option in the drop-down menu and then look for the option of MARRIAGE and select it
  4. Then select the basis of marriage search- Registration number or Name wise
  5. If you want to search through registration number then enter your sub-registrar office, registration number and year
  6. If you want to go Name wise then you will have to enter details like- wife name, husband name, DOB, and date of registration.
  7. Finally click on search and the information will appear on the screen

Similarly you can search for all other information like stamp dealers, document clerk, society, wedding, birth and death or Ace funds etc. 


 It is a very important document for the people of the state and various important details are available in the certificate through the grievance redressal system of the portal.

  • The properties owned by the registered person
  • Land related transactions and duration details
  • Gifts received by the registered person


  1. Login to your account on the official website of tnreginet from the link given above.
  2. When you are successfully logged in, on the homepage look for” E-services” on the right side 
  3. A dropdown menu will appear on putting the cursor on it, then go to “Encumbrance certificate “ in the menu and select “VIEW EC” 
  4. Then you will be redirected to another page
  5. Select whether you want to search for the EC on the basis of the EC Or Documents wise
  6. On selecting “EC” , you will see a form in which fill in the required details like district, sub-registrar office, EC Start date, EC end date, zone, village etc.
  7. Then fill in the captcha code on the screen and click on search
  8. If you select the option for searching EC “document wise”
  9. You will again be redirected to a form wherein fill in the details required like document type, document number, year etc. 
  10. Enter the captcha code on the screen and click on search.
  11. The EC certificate will appear on the screen for you.


Address- 100,Santhome Highway, Chennai-600028, Tamil Nadu, India

Phone- 044-24640160

Remote copier- 044-24642774



Can I get the registration details from the office of the sub-registrar? 

Yes, you can visit the concerned sub-registrar office for obtaining the details.

Q2. Why is the encumbrance certificate important for a person to have?

People with an encumbrance certificate can easily get details about their past transactions which helps the person to achieve the right property and entitlement.

Where is the status of my E-payment transaction accessible?

When you login to your account on the official portal, follow these steps to know your E-payment status- E-SERVICES- E-PAYMENT- PAYMENT- PAYMENT STATUS.

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