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NREGA or MNREGA aims to provide right to work to the the unemployeed in rural areas.

What is NREGA or MNREGA?

NREGA or MNREGA ( Mahatma Gandhi National Rural EmploymentGuarantee Act ) is an Indian social security act or labor law. Basically this according to this law any adult who is willing to work in rural areas is provided at least 100 days of guaranteed work opportunity by the Government of India within 15 days of registration. If the government fails to provide employment then an unemployment allowance is paid by the Government. Initially, the social security act was launched as National Rural Employment guarantee act in 2005 and in 2008 the name was changed Mahatma Gandhi National Rural EmploymentGuarantee Act.


To check the Latest Job card list of your area just follow the simple steps given below.

  • Visit the official NREGA portal from here.
  • On the homepage and find the option ‘job card’ under the REPORTS section as shown in the image below.
How to check Nrega Job card list
  • After clicking on the job card option a list of states will appear on your screen and from there you need to select your state.
  • A gram panchayat module page will open where you need to fill in the details like the financial year, district, block, and panchayat.
  • A list will appear on the screen with job card numbers and names in front of them, you can check your name on the right side to ensure that your job card is accepted.
  • The following colors are symbolic to the points mentioned with them-
    • Green: Job Card With Photograph And Employment availed
    • Grey: Job Card With Photograph and no Employment availed
    • Mustard: Job Card Without Photograph and Employment availed
    • Red: Job Card Without Photograph and no Employment availed
  • You can also select your state from here and check the job card list of your area.

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NREGA Payment Process

The wages are calculated on the basis of work allotted to the job cardholder and payment of the wages is done directly to the bank account of the job cardholder. If the NREGA Job cardholder does not have a bank account then he/she can easily open a bank account with their Job card as the primary document of verification and it is the duty of the gram panchayat to open the bank accounts and post office accounts of the labors.

There are some areas where there’s an accessibility issue with the bank then in such cases wages are paid in cash by the gram panchayat. There is no difference in the wage amount of Job cardholders on the basis of gender or any other factor.

How to check NREGA Payment Balance Amount online?

All the details like the number of days the job cardholder were employed and their daily wage rate is mentioned and updated on the Job card. The daily wage rate will vary across different areas, you can check the list of wage rates of different areas from here.

The minimum wage rate was initially 100 rupees a day but then later it was increased to around 160 to 500. The wage rates are decided by the states. Usually, the workers get their payment within 48 hours of the gram panchayats generating an order.

How to Apply for NREGA Job Card?

Currently you can apply for the NREGA Job card offline only and the process for the same is given below.

  • You need to visit your nearby Gram Panchayat office for the registration within working days and hours which are usually 10 am to 5 pm.
  • You can download the application form from here and fill it with all the required details and submit it to the gram panchayat office or you can visit there and get the form from there only and they will guide you in filling the application form.
  • Carry your documents like ration card, pan card, Aadhar card, voter ID card, or any other identification card.
  • Some of the details which are required to be filled in the form are:-
    • name of the member volunteering
    • gender
    • age
    • father‘s & mother’s name
    • state, district, block gram panchayat in area
    • Photograph

Once the application is submitted and it is validated by the govt officials then the applicants will receive their NREGA job card within 15 days from the gram panchayat office.

What kind of work is provided under the scheme

Some of the works which are provided under the MNREGA scheme are given below:-

  • Block plantation in community land or in simple words planting of trees
  • Building and maintenance of check dams.
  • building farm ponds
  • the building of water absorption trench
  • Construction of Anganwadi, roads, and grounds, etc.

Feature of Mahatma Gandhi national rural employment guarantee act

  • The National Rural EmploymentGuarantee Act 2005 was taken into implementation in 2006.
  • The aim is to provide basic social security in terms of employment or unemployment allowance.
  • The act provides these people with jobs within 5 KMs from their houses.
  • Social audit is done on a regular basis by the CAG to keep a check on the implementation.
  • if anyone wants to file a complaint, the government has made it easy by installing complaint boxes at the district level which are checked monthly.

Nrega APplication

The Ministry of Rural Development launched the NREGA application named JANMNREGA with the aim of improving transparency, effectiveness, and efficiency of the implementation of the Scheme. For the transparent, effective, and efficient working of the scheme. You can download the app from here.

Frequently asked questions

How do I check my balance on Mgnrega?

Currently, you can not check the MNREGA balance online but you can check the process given in the article above to check your balance through some details.

What is the Nrega job card?

MNREGA or NREGA job card is a card provided to the people in rural areas who apply for the employment guarantee scheme by the Govt of India.

Who can apply for Nrega job card?

The basic eligibility criteria are the applicant should be an adult

How do I apply for a Nrega card?

You can not apply for the Nrega job card online but the proper offline application process is given above in the article so you can easily follow the process and apply for the Job card.

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